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An accurate instrument tuner that assist you in setting up your musical instrument, providing both a needle scale and a strobe tuner





G-tune is a reliable instrument tuner that can prove useful to all music aficionados and professional musicians, providing them with calibration and pitch measurement capabilities. It comes packed with an integrated real-time oscilloscope and a spectrum analyser, helping you measure signal frequencies.

G-tune can work with electric guitars and acoustic instruments, while also helping singers practice and improve their skills. With a simple look and accessible options, it aims to meet the requirements of both novice and experienced musicians, as well as manufacturers of musical instruments.

Relying on a powerful and highly accurate measurement algorithm, G-tune can help you determine the pitch of your musical instrument without a lot of effort. It takes advantage of the computer's capacity to process digital signals, allowing instrument tuning without using expensive hardware components. Its performance highly depends on the sound card's characteristics.

The application features a forthright interface, with clear options and accessible controls. In case you get stuck, the extended documentation can help you understand what each function does, while also providing additional tips that enable you get the most out of G-tune. For instance, the 'Help' file offers a few tricks and suggestions for reducing the noise level.

G-tune processes the largest tone it finds, calculates its frequency and determines the corresponding note. It features needle damping, enabling you to monitor both high-latency and fast-moving frequencies.

G-tune provides high accuracy and allows spectral analysis of the sound signal your computer intercepts. Its integrated strobe-tuner can be used alongside the needle scale to increase tuning accuracy even more.
Last updated on July 6th, 2004
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