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Spice up every party by setting up multiple singers and creating playlists for each one for an enhanced karaoke experience so everyone has a good time

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Music is one of the main ingredients that every party needs to have. What's more, people start singing along sooner or later, which is a neat way to have fun, especially if done as Karaoke, and since music is mostly processed by computers, you can play custom songs along with lyrics thanks to applications like JustKaraoke to spice you the party.

Clean and intuitive interface

In terms of visuals, the application is pretty simple and highly-intuitive. The workspace is split into several panels that let you manage singers and songs, view corresponding details and handle playback through controls found in an upper toolbar.

Add singers and custom playlists

Adding files to your library is easily done through a dedicated menu, which automatically imports files from directories and subfolders from a target of your choice. Luckily, the application comes with support for various audio and video formats, providing some degree of flexibility.

If everyone wants to take a shot at singing, you can create multiple profiles and attribute custom playlists to each. You only need to provide a name for each singer, with the playlist being filled with songs you pick from the imported library.

Set up effects and video output

Moreover, the application comes equipped with tools to enhance the overall experience with custom backgrounds and sound effects. You can set up to twenty sound effects to be triggered at the press of a button. In addition, an announcement is configurable so each singer knows when to come in through text displayed in the output window.

Furthermore, your session is better used with two monitors. Right from the start, you can configure a second display for output, with a secondary window displayed you can either bring to full screen or move to another monitor.

A few last words

On an ending note, JustKaraoke is one of those applications you need to have around when you want to make sure everybody has a good time at a party. The intuitive design gets you quickly up and running, with little system resources used and quick setup of singers and media files. Regardless of location and theme, a party with karaoke is a party worth having.

JustKaraoke was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on January 5th, 2015
JustKaraoke - The main window of JustKaraoke allows you to add / edit the playlist and start your karaoke showJustKaraoke - You are able to add more song by specifying the singer's name and assign it a singer keyJustKaraoke - This is how you can browse for music in order to make your karaoke show more interestingJustKaraoke - screenshot #4JustKaraoke - screenshot #5JustKaraoke - screenshot #6

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