MIDI-Master 2.7.1

Synthesize and manipulate audio input from MIDI devices, as well as edit raw data or edit patches, by using this complex application

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What's new in MIDI-Master 2.7.0:

  • All file dialogs now remember the last directory (for a session)
  • File dialogs with file type handling
  • Better thread handling in MIDI processor loop
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MIDI-Master - MIDI-Master is a comprehensive application designed to help you manipulate MIDI data and recording quality.MIDI-Master - You can manage input from many different instruments, such as piano, guitar, bass, organ or even harmonica.MIDI-Master - The software enables you to apply patches suitable with the type of instrument you have selected, with keys or strings.MIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-MasterMIDI-Master
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MIDI-Master is a comprehensive software that manages MIDI data received from input ports, in real time. The software is designed for music composers and creators, who have basic knowledge of working with MIDI files.

Setting up the input and output devices

The software needs to be configured before you use it, in order to recognize the different instrument and ports signals. You need to select which instrument to exploit, from those connected to your computer, choose the input and output ports and name them.

You may also set the channels and the controllers, that determine which patch suits the audio streams. To the same purpose, you may configure panic value, decrement, increment, tap tempo controllers, as well as the loop detector.

Choose instruments and synthesize music

Defining the instruments can help the software recognize which patches, frequency, velocity or key to apply to the audio stream. Each patch can be applied to a defined zone, associated to a certain instrument. You may also select which banks and preset sound parameters are available for each of your MIDI devices.

You can setup your instruments manually or easily import already defined instrument files, such as Cakewalk, Avid, MOTU or MIDI-Master formats. The software supports up to 16 separate ports, for input or output devices.

Advanced tools for music composers and synthesizers

Aside from applying preset patches, configured especially for each instrument and zone, you may also use the software’s Transpose function, in order to set semitone levels. The software contains two alternative views, the Zones view and the Sends tab.

In the zones view, you can adjust MIDI ports and patches, define values of the volume, pan and effects controllers. You may also modify an instrument’s velocity values and set different key ranges for the zones on your key board.

In the Sends list, you can edit and define MIDI messages that are sent for a patch, such as program change, control change and raw data. You can easily add or remove sends from the dedicated menu, as well as set which commands need to be prompted when a patch is activated.


MIDI-Master is a complex program, that enables you to manage the sound stream that you wish to record from a MIDI instrument. It gives you full control on the patches, key ranges, volume and velocity parameters, as well as edit raw data, monitor device performance, or debug MIDI patches.

MIDI-Master was reviewed by , last updated on March 24th, 2015

Runs on: Windows 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


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