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Audio mixing and editing software solution that can help you apply fade effects to your tracks and create great sounds and mixes

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Nero SoundTrax provides a comprehensive audio editing and mixing environment, comprising basic tools and features for creating music compilations. Its purpose comes down to the preparation of multiple soundtracks for audio CD burning or the creation of 5.1 and 7.1 surround projects.

The application provides support for various multimedia file formats, namely MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, MP4, FLAC, WMA, AIF and Dolby Digital (AC3). Thanks to the graphical waveform representation of each loaded track, you can easily combine and mix audio sections, apply fade effects between consecutive songs and group clips together, all to create original mixes and avoid dull, standard playlists.

It bundles a WAV audio recording tool, as well as a set of effects and tools that are designed to assist you in processing your tracks, such as fading effects, sound normalization, noise reduction, reverb, sound delay, distortion, offset correction, modulation options, voice modifications, pitch tuning, time correction, transposition, karaoke filtering and more.

The integrated Nero ScratchBox program features basic functions dedicated to users with a bit more experience when it comes to audio mixing. Its beat editor allows you to expriment with various tempos, while the text-to-speech tool can be used for adding a personal touch to the output, with normal, robotic or whispering voices.

Also, it comprises a simple sequencer and ambience effects, which along with the Nero ScratchBox can offer you a taste of the real DJ-ing experience.

The application comes with a collection of templates you can modify to fit your needs and requirements, but you can also start working on a project from scratch.

Nero SoundTrax allows easy soundtrack editing, with mixed in scratches, panning and looping. Aimed at the regular user, it features intelligible options and comprehensive functions working together to help you generate impressive, appealing sounds.

Nero SoundTrax was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 25th, 2014
Nero SoundTrax - Nero SoundTrax enables you to mix your songs before integrating them on an audio CD or a playlist.Nero SoundTrax - With the help of Nero SoundTrax, you can create your own mix CD or edit audio tracks.Nero SoundTrax - Nero SoundTrax comes with options for inserting audio files, loops and soundbox clips into your mix.Nero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTraxNero SoundTrax

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