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An application to easily mix songs from your computer using a decent amount of features and functions which are very easy to handle

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OtsTurntables Free is a piece of software especially designed for those who are looking for a simple and accessible means of DJing. It’s an application well suited for both bedroom DJs and aspiring professionals thanks to the features it provides.

Digital turntables at your fingertips

OtsTurntables Free displays a user-friendly interface which seems appropriate for beginners and users of a younger age because the graphics that it uses seem a bit outdated and unappealing. This aspect doesn’t hinder the overall functionality of the application, if anything, the simplicity of the GUI actually helps you out because it’s easy to spot where settings and parameters are located.

The main window of the application displays the virtual DJing tools in an arrangement that is similar to that of analog setups. You have two turntables connected to a mixer which is placed in between them, a playlist editor and a few ‘hardware’ pieces that allow you to control sound quality and other important settings.

Easy to use mixing and auto-mixing features

OtsTurntables Free comes with all the classic features, controls and functions that you need to play and mix tracks. You can load any number of songs load them into the turntables with a simple drag and drop action, adjust their tempo and pitch, set cue points and use the crossfader to switch to the next loaded track.

Sound quality is the most important aspect of any mix and OtsTurntables Free offers you the possibility to use a 10 band equalizer to enhance audio output. Apart from that, it also supplies a dynamic processor that comes with automatic gain control and a compressor, allowing you to pump up the volume without destroying equipment.

OtsTurntables Free grants a certain degree of freedom to you while mixing. You can use your mouse to scratch and keyboard shortcuts to speed things along once you get properly acquainted with the app. And if that’s not enough, it’s even fitted with an ‘Auto DJ’ feature that seamlessly mixes the tracks in your playlist.

A decent solution to DJing from your computer

To wrap things up, though there is considerably more to mention, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward virtual DJing solution and don’t mind the retro look, then you can certainly try this OtsTurntables Free.

OtsTurntables Free was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
OtsTurntables Free - This is the main window of OtsTurntables Free where you can create a playlist with your preferred tracksOtsTurntables Free - This is the way OtsTurntables Free will allow users to shuffle the tracks or to sort themOtsTurntables Free - You can access the Scratch Sampler when you want to hear some samples

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