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An application that provides you with a virtual piano and various tuning instruments to tweak and improve the sound of your music

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Pianoteq is a useful tool for any user who wants to transform the computer into a versatile musical instrument. It emulates a fourth generation piano and allows you to play music by generating high quality sound effects.

The artists who do not have access to a piano can use the computer and a specialized software to generate the sounds. While there are a lot of emulators available, there are few that can offer the same music quality and configuration options as Pianoteq.

Unlike other programs, Pianoteq uses mathematical models to generate the sound which allows you to fine tune the output by using multiple parameters. For instance, you can adjust the hammer hardness, sound velocity or the output for each key before starting to play.

For quick configuration, the program provides the option to create presets for certain parameters and save the entire instrument configuration in order to load it later. It comes with an impressive list of instruments and the ability to randomize all the parameters with one click.

The interface is easy to use and allows you to quickly access all the fine-tuning parameters. You also have the ability to change the piano condition which has an important effect on the visual aspect and the sound output.

Although you can play the notes using the mouse, the program is designed to be used with a hardware keyboard in order to take advantage of all the available features. The playback can be recorded in order to accurately replay the melody.

The application includes an extensive documentation that allows beginners to get accustomed with the interface and the available features. Contextual tips are also available in the interface which makes the app suitable for all user categories.

If you want to play the piano, Pianoteq is a highly flexible program that successfully provides all the required tools.

Pianoteq was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on October 3rd, 2015
Pianoteq - You can use the piano keys and adjust the tuning, voicing and impedance from the main window.Pianoteq - The File menu enables you to switch between presets and instruments, as well as save the MIDI file.Pianoteq - You can randomize parameters and perform an A/B switch by accessing the Edit menu.Pianoteq - screenshot #4Pianoteq - screenshot #5Pianoteq - screenshot #6Pianoteq - screenshot #7Pianoteq - screenshot #8Pianoteq - screenshot #9Pianoteq - screenshot #10Pianoteq - screenshot #11Pianoteq - screenshot #12

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