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REAKTOR is a software that comes bundled with many tools which allow you to edit audio tracks.

Once you initialized the application with the standard interface, you can configure soundcard (interface, sample frequency rate, input and output device, output latency), routing and MIDI options.

So, you have access to a panel, structure, snapshots, browser and properties windows. You can insert instruments and apply built-in modules, such as math, signal path, oscillator, sampler, sequencer, filter, delay.

Furthermore, you can save, duplicate or delete instruments, enable automatic voice reduction, enable event loops, change the sample frequency rate and control rate, toggle between external synchronization and MIDI clock out, start and stop the clock, as well as enable REAKTOR to ignore tempo change.

Additionally, you can use macro (e.g. building blocks, classic modular) and core cell (e.g. audio shaper, control, delay, equalizer, granular), as well as view instrument properties and a map editor.

The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and we haven't experienced any kind of problems during our tests. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to REAKTOR is that it doesn't contain any kind of user documentation and this can be problematic even to the most experienced individuals in the audio editing area.

Moreover, certain functions are disabled in the demo mode (for example, you cannot save instruments). The fact of the matter is that REAKTOR is a tricky software that can be difficult to understand without having the proper guidelines at your disposal. We can only suggest you test it for yourself.

REAKTOR was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 30th, 2013
REAKTOR - With the help of REAKTOR you are able to synthesize your audio files and presetsREAKTOR - From the File menu you have the possibility to open an existing preset, configure the OSC or the MIDI settings, as well as to save the current ensembleREAKTOR - You can navigate to the Settings menu of the application if you want to store multiple panel setsREAKTORREAKTORREAKTORREAKTORREAKTORREAKTOR

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