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Designed to meet the requirements of professional DJs, Rockit Pro DJ is a complete, live mixing platform that comes with all the necessary tools for editing audio files, build innovative effects and run a show worth remembering.

The interface may seem complex, but it should not pose any problems for those accustomed with this type of software. It is organized in such a way that you can work with multiple tunes and sounds simultaneously, in order to create great mixes. Furthermore, a variety of skins are included, enabling you to fully control which controls to display.

You can browse the music library, view the dynamic beat visualizer, adjust the pitch level for each deck, use the presets to load commonly played songs quickly, control playback, use the sound effects sampler to overlay sound effects or perform cross fading between songs, all from the main window. Additionally, the built-in equalizer enables you to fully control the sound, while the 'Sound FX' can be used for adjusting the echo, rotate and flange levels.

Rockit Pro DJ enables you to create your own mixes manually, but it also comes with a auto mixing capabilities. In the latter case, simply place tracks in the 'AutoMix' wait list, let the application do all the work for you and enjoy the party. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, you can choose the mixing mode (timer or level based) and adjust the mixing parameters.

The integrated music library can help you easily manage audio collections and playlists, monitor folders, batch edit tags, search for duplicate music files, as well as detect the BPM rate of every song and thus determine which ones can be mixed together.

Furthermore, the application can be used with any standard MIDI controller. It enables you to play CDs, music videos and slideshows, store music history, manage song requests, as well as connect to a secondary monitor or projector to display custom texts, such as dedications or the current song.

To conclude with, Rockit Pro DJ is a reliable mixing application that provides powerful tools and controls. Combined with a bit of creativity, its features can help you create tunes to astonish your audience.

Rockit Pro DJ was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 23rd, 2013
Rockit Pro DJ - Rockit Pro DJ will help you easily mix and edit audio files just like in a professional studio with powerful toolsRockit Pro DJ - The File menu will provide users with basic functions as well as Backup Library / Playlists or Import M3U / Rockit V4 Playlist optionsRockit Pro DJ - Users will be able to access options such as Audio / Video Jukebox, Sampler, CD Player, Mixer or Text Output from the View menuRockit Pro DJ - screenshot #4Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #5Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #6Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #7Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #8Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #9Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #10Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #11Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #12Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #13Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #14Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #15Rockit Pro DJ - screenshot #16

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