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An application that enables you to generate two separate sound frequencies and control their individual phase angle and volume level

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In physics, sound is classified as a wave, and like all waves, it is defined by its frequency. That way, in order to change the properties of a certain sound, you have to modify its frequency value.

Two or more sounds can be synchronized by adjusting their phase angle, in order to complete one another.

Control the phase angle and frequency level

Two channels frequency generator is an application that enables you to control a wide variety of adjustments regarding the frequency, phase angle and decibel level for two separate channels. Right off the bat, you can view a graphical representation depicting the two waveforms, which allows you to better visualize their arrangement.

In order to change their positioning, you can modify the phase angle and input values between 0 and 360 degrees. Furthermore, you can also control the actual frequency level for both channels by making use of the built-in sliders. Although these can only go up to 20.000 hertz, you can enter the desired values manually and surpass this limit.

Adjust the decibel level and store the data into tables

Two channels frequency generator allows you to amplify the decibel level, in order to obtain louder sounds. The values can differ for each channel and you can reach a maximum of 42 decibels, which is plenty for the majority of tests and experiments.

One useful addition is the ability to save the value sets into a table, complete with the frequencies and decibel levels for both channels. This table can then easily be used in other applications, by copying the data to clipboard and pasting it in the text editor of your choice, or even a spreadsheet document.

In conclusion

Thanks to the easy-to-use adjustments panel and high amount of customization options, Two channels frequency generator can be a great tool for acoustic laboratories, as well as for personal use.

Two channels frequency generator was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 26th, 2014
Two channels frequency generator - You can control the phase angle, frequency level and decibel volume from the main window of the application.

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