Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx

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A realtime software guitar effects processor

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Ultrawave Guitar Multi FX provides guitarists with a real-time effects processor for their favorite musical instrument. While the best guitar effects are gained through hardware guitar pedals more than their software counterparts, such applications are cheaper and may satisfy the needs of rather less demanding guitar players.

This particular segment of non-professional audio effects processors brings a plethora of presets and its main aim is quantity over quality. Nonetheless, Ultrawave Guitar Multi FX requires at least a mainstream professional sound card capable of supporting the ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) drivers in order to provide the smallest audio lags (low-latency) and the best available fidelity translated into high frequency ranges.

Although primarily developed for guitars, Ultrawave Guitar Multi FX can also be used with vocals as well as keyboards. The wide array of effects can surely help you with almost all the music styles you might come across, while the spectrum analyser and the guitar tuner aid you in the process of string fine tuning.

The list of effects include the basic overdrive, echo, chorus, reverb, compressor or distortion and also goes deeper by adding tremolo, flanger, multiband effect, noise gate or vibrato. The interface of the application is simple enough and well put-together. The highlight color could have been thought more of, but that’s one of the few overall drawbacks.

The Presets comprise calm and funky as well as metal and weird processors to test and find the most suitable one for the track you are currently working on. Recording and playback is also possible within the main window of the program, while the effects can be easily bypassed with a push of a button. Other available controls consist of a few knobs for Wet/Dry selection, Rate, Depth, Delay or Delay Pan.

The bottomline is that Ultrawave Guitar Multi FX cannot replace the hardware equipment and no software can do that, no matter its performance. What it achieves, though, is a better and more varied guitar experience for all music styles at just a fraction of the hardware’s price. Taken seriously, Ultrawave Guitar Multi FX can prove to be a great tool in a humble wrapping.

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 6th, 2013
Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx - The main window of Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx allows users to apply different effects to an audio file.Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx - This is the way Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx will enable users to analyze their tracksUltrawave Guitar Multi Fx - The Options window of Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx lets users set the sampling frequency to a customized level.

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