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A powerful and complex software solution that helps you generate sounds with the help of a real-time granular synthesizer algorithm

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Audio synthesizers come in all shapes and sizes and enable you to create both soft and aggressive sounds which you can then use in music production, as well as movie and game sound effects.

crusherX-Live! is a synthesizer comprised out of multiple modules which uses granular synthesizer algorithms in order to create distorted or simple sounds.

Straightforward interface

crusherX-Live! displays a user-friendly interface as long as you’ve used similar products or have some knowledge on how they function.

Using this tool you get a sampler, vapor modulations, recording capabilities, a randomizer, physical modeling field, mixer, limiter and various effects. All of these are presented to you in plain sight, making it easy to constantly adjust and reshape the audio.

Synthesizer and effects unit

crusherX-Live! enables you to generate sounds from scratch as well as load multiple samples, overlap them and create something entirely original. You have full control over sound output and if you’re low on inspiration, the application comes with a large number of loadlists which you can use as starting presets and work on top of them to obtain new stuff.

They can be loaded into crusherX-Live! from different sources and organized in a desired way in order to create distortion sequences.

crusherX-Live! can serve as a good tool for live performances as it compatible with MIDI devices and enables you to learn almost all the knobs and sliders. The application can automatically map out a connected MIDI keyboard and offers several options for granular modification.

A tool best suited for advanced users

To sum things up, crusherX-Live! is a very capable tool but it is a bit hard to handle by the novice user and the main window will seem a bit overwhelming if you’re not familiar with technical aspects. Other than that, it’s a good choice for anyone looking for a sturdy audio synthesizer.

crusherX-Live! was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
crusherX-Live! - The main window of crusherX-Live! features various panels and controls that help you synthesize soundscrusherX-Live! - From the File menu, you can randomize filters or DCOs (Digitally Controlled Oscillators) to create unique soundscrusherX-Live! - By accessing the Crusher menu, you can change audio, MIDI and Feedback Joystick settingscrusherX-Live! - The Loadlist menu enables you to navigate to the previous or next song and save the sounds you createdcrusherX-Live! - From the Record menu, you can save the sound to a mono, stereo or multichannel WAV filecrusherX-Live! - screenshot #6crusherX-Live! - screenshot #7crusherX-Live! - screenshot #8crusherX-Live! - screenshot #9crusherX-Live! - screenshot #10crusherX-Live! - screenshot #11crusherX-Live! - screenshot #12crusherX-Live! - screenshot #13crusherX-Live! - screenshot #14crusherX-Live! - screenshot #15crusherX-Live! - screenshot #16crusherX-Live! - screenshot #17crusherX-Live! - screenshot #18

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