AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player2.0.0.4

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A media player for you to use.






Advanced AutoIt Media Player is a media player developed using AutoIt V3 that uses the powerful BASS.DLL to provide the media playing capabilities, allowing for a wide range of supported files.

Database to store library information, providing a fast and effective way to access your music library. It includes a "Web control interface" allowing you to control AAMP from any computer in your network, or even the world.

The web interface is secure, ensuring that no one can change that favourite song! You can change many aspects of the layout including colored icons, background colors, text color, all to suit your personality or your computer theme. Various language files (included with every release) allows for localization of AAMP.
Last updated on February 6th, 2010
AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player - The main window of AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player will enable you to select the files that you want to play.AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player - You can use the Options window to adjust the application to your needs.

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