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Let's face it, everyone listens to music and in almost all circumstances. When you feel happy, when depressed, or want to relax, you just hit the play button to enjoy your favorite song. And with the amount of platforms they can play on, it's hard not to hear it even while taking a shower. For such files to run you need, of course, an application.

Aero Music Player is a small tool designed to play any music that it finds on a CD, but adding some visual effects in the process.

Limited usability

There was time when the only way to listed to music on your computer was from a CD. But with digital copies of songs offered by bands on their website, it gets a little difficult nowadays for a disc to be as popular as it was a few years back. This little application, unfortunately, is only able to play songs from a CD.

It features no other options in the main window other that the play options, and the number of tracks. It also lacks a playlist in which you can save your songs, but since it only plays from a CD that would have been useless.

It was probably designed to keep everything to a minimum, but at least a volume slider would have been useful, or the possibility to toggle everything in the main window on or off, for a more visual intense experience.

Visual effects to make it brighter

Where the application should really shine are the visual effects it has to offer. However, they only represent changing colors in the main window background, depending on the tune. You have several effects to chose from, but the only difference being colors that change, that are presets which you cannot modify after your heart's desire.

In conclusion

Aero Music Player is nothing more than what its name suggests. It tries to offer a unique music experience, combining several effects, with songs from a CD, however it might leave you wondering if this is the suitable player for you.

Aero Music Player was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
Aero Music Player - The main window of Aero Music Player lets you select the track to play

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