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An application designed to help you unleash your creativity in a user friendly environment, manage, play and mix all your Beatport music files

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Beatport Sync provides beginner and professional DJs with a music playback application based on the technology of the popular Traktor software. Aside from its audio player function, this program aims to assist you in organizing large music collections and combining sounds to create great mixes that can astonish the audience.

Although it hasn’t received an update in years, the technology that Beatport Sync relies on can help beginner DJs improve their skills by working in a user-friendly environment, with an advanced browser and organizer, as well as full playback control.

The music library can be neatly organized and sorted in different folders and various formats of music files can be imported from your computer. Moreover, Beatport Sync can handle playlists and is capable of connecting to the iTunes library. Based on Traktor ’s track management system, the application also features advanced meta-data editing functionality.

The two available playback decks allow audio wave visualization and feature pitch control, enabling users to open tracks stored in the music library and mix them together using crossfading, tempo detection, time stretching, automatic sync of the beat offset and master volume control. Users can set the auto-crossfade time, configure the sample rate and the audio latency.

Aside from using locally stored music files, you can import multimedia content from the BeatPort music store, provided you have an account and the finances needed to purchase songs.

In order to prevent your desktop from getting cluttered, the application comes with a minimized window mode, where only the essential, most important controls are displayed.

While it does not provide the same array of features and mixing technology of its bigger brother Traktor, Beatport Sync can be a great tool for beginner turntablists. It delivers just the right amount of tools for creating original content, while keeping the working environment free of complicated options.

Beatport SYNC was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 14th, 2013
Beatport SYNC - This is the main window of Beatport SYNC that allows you to easily manage and play your music files.Beatport SYNC - The preferences menu of Beatport SYNC will enable you to customize the application's audio settings as well as its behvior and appearance.

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