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An intuitive and easy to use audio asset management solution which helps you to find, preview audio files, as well as create and attach audio tags

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Revel Breezer is a reliable software, capable of organizing and sorting all the audio files from your computer. The application is highly convenient to use when you have thousands of audio samples on your computer, since it can easily identify a file and it allows you to preview it.

Powerful search engine

With its multi-thread search function and enhanced performance, Revel Breezer is capable of identifying multiple types and formats of audio files. If you are a music producer or create the audio stream for movies, and your computer stores hundreds of thousands of songs, finding the right sample can be very difficult.

Revel Breezer can search and identify specific songs, using the common criteria, but it can also find them based on the audio tag. Not only can it read metadata, but it also enables you to add such information to a music file. You may create comments or annotations at any moment of the playback, as well as add song genre, source instrument, producer or layers. Adding such metadata to a file makes it easier to identify.

Audio analysis and composite song playback

Revel Breezer features the Layered player function, which allows you to import up to four audio files or to automatically record sounds, then play all the layers at once. You may easily set the playback cursor, for each of the layers, meaning that while they all play at the same time, the timers are not synchronized.

Both the Layered player and the main rendering function allow you to view the frequency dynamics during the playback. You may change audio options such as select a new decibel level, use a different band value or another type of scaling.

You may save the new settings to the file, thus adjusting its audio attributes, volume, metadata and even changing the format.


Revel Breezer is a reliable sound manager, that enables you to identify and sort all the music files on your computer. It is especially useful for music producers who own numerous sound samples, since it allows you to identify the desired song and attach an audio tag to it. Thus is makes it easier to find and sort.

Revel Breezer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 16th, 2015
Revel Breezer - Revel Breezer is a comprehensive application designed for audio files identification, management and analysis.Revel Breezer - The software can play a song and allow you to add comments annotations to the audio file at any time during the playback.Revel Breezer - The software enables you to view, edit or create audio tags for your files, that you can attach to the songs during the playback.Revel Breezer - screenshot #4Revel Breezer - screenshot #5Revel Breezer - screenshot #6Revel Breezer - screenshot #7Revel Breezer - screenshot #8Revel Breezer - screenshot #9Revel Breezer - screenshot #10Revel Breezer - screenshot #11

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