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An easy to use software, that enables you to create a music system throughout your house and control the playlists assigned to each room

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CasaTunes is a reliable and easy to use software solution that comes as a component of CasaTunes music server or streamers. You can set up a multi-room music system configuration and use the application to control the playlists assigned to each space.

CasaTunes is a browser-based software, that enables you to configure the music players throughout your entire house. You can set it to play music from several different sources and fully control the songs that play in each room.

Set up rooms and sources

CasaTunes is compatible with several types of streamers, and you can even set it up via the server. You can listen to music from the selected source, from your computer, iTunes, NUVO libraries, or you can set up AirPlay, in order to play songs from your iPod, iPad and iPhone.

You can manage CasaTunes with the browser, or using the selected accessories, in order to view the queue of songs, to add or remove melodies and to adjust the volume or playback. Additionally, you can use the application’s built-in radio utility, that enables you to listen to world broadcast from any room in your house.

Internet music

CasaTunes works with several online music services, such as iNetCustom, SHOUTcast or Spotify, in order to bring to you fresh playlists. You can set the selected service to play on all sources or just in your room.

Moreover, you can access CasaTunes remotely, by using a dedicated server. You can create your own server configuration, in order to activate and control the application or you can connect to the default CasaTunes UltraVNC. You may decide whether you wish to grant access and control privileges to third parties.

Sleep and wake up

CasaTunes also works as a morning alarm, thanks to its Wake function, that allows it to start automatically at the specified time each day. Similarly, if you do not have time to shut it down manually, you can set a sleep timer and be sure the application shuts down at the desired moment.


CasaTunes is a useful utility, designed to help you control music playback configuration from your entire house. Once you set up the system, CasaTunes enables you to manage playlists, add songs, from several sources, listen to the radio or replace music according to your own preferences.

CasaTunes was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
CasaTunes - CasaTunes is a software that comes as a component of CasaTunes streamers and allows you to manage playlists.CasaTunes - With CasaTunes, you can configure a multi-room music system and control the playlists afferent to each space.CasaTunes - You can schedule the software to exit at a selected time or to start playing in the morning, on weekdays.CasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunesCasaTunes

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