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DJ Cronnor is a DJ-tool for a hybride analog/digital equipped club. It contains a full-featured dualdeck mp3/ogg-player complete with pitching and some effects, and it has a playlist-system for usage inside a bar.

DJCronnor is made to be  controlled without a mouse, so 100%-keyboard controlled used with your traditional analog mixer with old-style analogue knobs and faders to have fast no-nonsense control over the volume and the eq in the traditional way

DJ Cronnor is not a toy to demonstrate (semi-automatic) beatmixing with nice graphical animations (like most DJ software). Also, because you don't need the mouse, you can actually use it in real-life situations.

DJ Cronnor is not designed for real usage without an analog mixer, at all - there are zero volume controls available in the software (because you don't need them when you have a mixer). So remember: DJCronnor is to be used with a mixer, and without your mouse.
Last updated on August 13th, 2010
DJ Cronnor - The main window of DJ Cronnor enables you to start your mixing.DJ Cronnor - You can adjust this application with the help of the Settings window.

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