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Transform your desktop into a music studio and mix sounds to get a masterpiece with this lightweight and easy to use software utility

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With the help of today's powerful computers, a whole recording studio with all its tools can be fitted into an application. Demisco Joky gives you the possibility to to edit songs using various effects, in the hope giving you a resulting masterpiece.

Lightweight and user friendly

The application only needs its main window to put everything needed at your disposal. A “Track Loader” lets you insert two songs from your computer, which you can simultaneously play, at different volumes. The option to work with more than two music files at a time would have made work a lot easier, because wanting to use a larger variety of sounds will imply more time-consuming steps.

On the visual side Demisco Joky looks clean and polished, also offering the possibility to change the background color so that it suits your style.

Add effects and record

Seeing as how the application was designed for mixing music, it is needless to say that there are several effects that can be applied. You may also import a sound from your computer, to add to the mix. There is also a text field that is called “Announcement”, and with the press of a button will make you computer's default voice read the given text. However, there is no option that lets you choose a different voice.

An integrated music converter lets you insert various audio files and export them under some of the most common formats. To record your mix, the application makes use of the system's integrated sound recorder, only being able to output in one specific file format. Luckily there is the above mentioned converter to help you out.

In conclusion

Demisco Joky is a lightweight application which is most suitable for a house party. It only offers the basic tools needed to make a good mix, leaving you to gather every sound effect before you start working. The application is fairly simple to use, but will only make for a training ground in case music creating is your thing.

Demisco Joky was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on April 5th, 2014
Demisco Joky - From the main window you will be able to easily mix and play your favorite tracks.

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