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A powerful and advanced application that was designed to provide an impressive library with sounds from a variety of instruments for the KORE product line

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Note: This product is discontinued. However, the installer is still available for existing users of KORE-based products.

Creating music tracks is an activity that involves lots of creativity and is also requires some powerful instruments to get the job done properly. Insofar as the software side is concerned, there are quite a few software solutions that are fully equipped to take care of such tasks.

Nonetheless, one can almost never have in store all the sounds for all the instruments they may need to use in their projects and for this reason programs like KORE PLAYER were developed.

Professional look and well organized feature settings

This particular tool was created to complement the Kore product line and those who still use the dedicated soundpacks will benefit from a clean GUI which offers quick access to a comprehensive sound library.

With a clean layout, the main window of KORE PLAYER is split into several areas that make it more easy to browse the available sounds, chose and play the ones that are to be integrated into a new project.

Simple sound browser and advanced audio controls

Once you get the device and audio setup in place, finding and playing the desired sounds is a breeze. Basically, all you have to do is pick the appropriate type of instrument then narrow the search by selecting the mode and soundpack to see in the results area the available sounds.

When it comes to enhancing or simply modifying the parameters of the sample that is currently playing, KORE PLAYER offers a set of controls through which you can adjust various parameters to tweak the default sound.

A powerful application for handling KORE Soundpacks

Since it has a specific purpose and is made to work with a particular set of files, the applicability of KORE PLAYER is somewhat limited. More so, the rapid evolution of this type of technologies made this program obsolete, so currently it is only useful for those who are still working with a KORE powered utility.

Kore Player was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on November 8th, 2014
Kore Player - You can use KORE PLAYER to easily access a large variety of sounds and include them in your mixes.Kore Player - The File menu of KORE PLAYER allows users to set the sample content path and configure the audio and Midi settings.Kore Player - You can change the audio driver and device, as well as the sample rate from the 'Settings' window.Kore Player - screenshot #4

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