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Organize karaoke sessions, play KAR, MID, MP3, and WMA audio files, record audio streams, modify the song speed, mute multiple MIDI channels, and alter the lyrics position

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KaraokeKanta is a Windows audio player specialized in processing karaoke files and revealing lyrics in the main window.

It is developed for both home users and professional karaoke clubs, and you can use it simultaneously on two separate monitors or a monitor and TV screen.

User interface

The application does not excel in the visual department, revealing a layout that looks a bit crowded at a first glance. The GUI cannot be described as highly intuitive, so you need to experiment with the built-in features in order to understand how it works.

Audio tweaks

KaraokeKanta offers you the option to import various audio files (KAR, MID, MP3, WMA, ZIP), create playlists, sort songs in an alphabetical order, as well as extract and view the lyrics in HTML file format via your web browser.

What’s more, you can organize the audio files by language (e.g. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), select a song by number, perform searches for quickly identifying audio items, create a list with favorite songs, rename audio files, and open the directory where songs are stored directly from the main window.

In addition, the tool reveals information about the duration of a file, measure, and tempo, and lets you mute multiple MIDI channels, modify the song speed, as well as add voice files (MP3, WAV, WMA) and adjust the volume.

Recording and screen settings

KaraokeKanta allows you to pick the recording quality (high, medium or low), play the recorded song, alter the lyrics position (top, bottom, center), specify the number of text lines displayed in the main window, and customize the text in terms of font, font style and size.

Other screen settings enable you to modify the colors of the background, text and shadow, display one of the preset images in the background or add a custom one from your computer (e.g. JPG, BMP, EMF), and show the photos in a shuffle mode.

Karaoke layout

As soon as you have finished with setting up the karaoke settings, you can switch to a cleaner working environment where the accent falls upon revealing the lyrics. Several control buttons are implemented for helping you play, pause or stop the current audio selection, as well as jump to the previous or next song in the list.

Bottom line

All in all, KaraokeKanta integrates several useful features for helping you organize karaoke sessions but it still needs several improvements in order to make the GUI look cleaner and easier to work with.

KaraokeKanta was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on January 30th, 2015
KaraokeKanta - The main window of the application allows you to set up the program before starting to play the song.KaraokeKanta - The application will hide the panels during the song in order to maximize the visibility of the lyrics.

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