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An audio player that enables you to create playlists and listen to your favorite music within a modern-looking, Metro style interface

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Macalifa Mp3 is a simple audio player that provides support for the MP3 file format. While there is no shortage of such applications out there, this particular one features a modern look, designed to seamlessly integrate within the Windows 8 interface.

Play music and create playlists

The forthright appearance and the accessible options make the application very easy to use. You start by adding a new music folder within the designated section and selecting the song you want the player to load. Alternatively, the application can input single audio files in MP3, FLAC, OGA, OGG, AC3 or ACC format and include them in the playlist.

Macalifa Mp3 enables you to save your playlist on the hard drive in M3U, WPL, MMP or PLS format and load it at a later time. Songs can be deleted from the playlist using the right-click menu.

Standard playback options

Its main window is rather simple, comprising the track progress bar and basic playback controls, enabling you to play and pause the song or fast forward it, enable track repeat, stop the playback or adjust the volume level. Right next to the playback progress bar, the album cover is displayed (if available) and the audio signal is represented in waveform.

The built-in amplifier enables you to experiment with different signal frequencies to alter the sound.

Customization possibilities

The Metro-style GUI is fully customizable: you can change the theme (dark or white) and customize the accent color in order to make it blend with your desktop's color palette. The application comes with a compact version, which only includes the playback controls and volume adjustment options, in an attempt to avoid obstructing your view.

A modern-looking audio player

With its stylish look, Macalifa Mp3 follows the new trend imposed by the Windows 8 operating system. Other than that, it comes with the standard feature set any audio player is equipped with.

Macalifa Mp3 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
Macalifa Mp3 - Macalifa Mp3 provides you with a modern-looking MP3 player that you can use to listen to music.Macalifa Mp3 - Macalifa Mp3 helps you add new songs to your playlist and save it to your computer in M3U format.Macalifa Mp3 - screenshot #3Macalifa Mp3 - screenshot #4Macalifa Mp3 - You can launch Macalifa Mp3 in minimized mode, which only displays the playback controls.Macalifa Mp3 - screenshot #6

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