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The application is designed specifically for sound engineers to help them analyze two sound sources and determine the differences

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Most audio players on the market are built with the regular user in mind that wants a simple way to play the desired audio tracks. In the case of Nero Staiger Music-Studio Player the application has been created for sound engineers so that they can compare two different mixes.

Simple looks

Apart from having two playlists, each with its own play controls, Nero Staiger Music-Studio Player does not appear to make available any other knobs.

There are two volume bars working independently of each other, for each playlist. If you hover the mouse over the currently playing title the application can provide some details by reading from the metadata of the file.

As such, besides the name of the track information can include the name of the album, genre of the music and release year. Some technical details are also provided and they include the format of the music, sample rate, play duration, butrate and sample rate.

Compare two mixes

Comparing two tracks is exactly the purpose the developer intended for this product. You can play two different tracks at the same time in order to observe the differences between them.

Additionally, the application includes the possibility to select a specific portion of the track and run it in a loops for closer observation of the sounds.

Few customization options

Because its purpose is simple, Nero Staiger Music-Studio Player falls short of providing a rich set of options. Its configuration is limited to a few choices related to the way it looks and some options regarding clearing the playlist content under certain conditions.


Nero Staiger Music-Studio Player has not been created as an alternative audio player but as a utility cor comparing two different tracks; thus, its functionality is limited to playing two audio tracks at the same time and creating loop pieces.

Nero-Steger Music-Studio Player was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
Nero-Steger Music-Studio Player - The main window of the application allows users to choose the audio files they want to compareNero-Steger Music-Studio Player - Users can access the context menu when they want to save the current playlist or clear the listNero-Steger Music-Studio Player - The application allows users to match volume levels, swap between them or reset themNero-Steger Music-Studio Player - screenshot #4

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