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Enjoy all of your favorite tracks in a non-conventional environment provided by this powerful and easy to use software application

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Nowadays a media player is chosen because of preferences since most of them can play nearly all available formats. Quintessential Media Player is designed to play audio files on your system. With support for most audio formats, the application is a real treat, both aesthetically and feature-wise.

A wizard quickly gets you up and running

After a brief installation process, you are acquainted with an attractive, user-friendly interface. There are three viewing modes: small, medium and full.

Everything can look a little overwhelming at the beginning. So, if you do not know where to start, then follow the steps displayed in the wizard.

Have media files automatically imported

You can add media files and folders by using the file browser (drag and drop is not supported), but you can also set Watch folders (this will monitor the specified folders for new media and automatically import them into the media library).

Multiple view types available

Plus, you can enable Background MusicID (identifies your groups of tracks in order to find other tracks that could belong to the same album), as well as switch from metadata view to folder view or MusicID view. You have quick access to recent audio, playlists and devices via a small window displayed on the bottom, but you can also change the viewing preferences.

An abundance of customizable features

Furthermore, you can select file associations, enable global support for multimedia keys, enable ReplayGain, view videos, rip a CD, select encoding format, enable stream saving, assign hotkeys, and others.

To end with

The bottom line is that Quintessential Media Player is a great tool for listening to music, but its ripping abilities could use a little more work (it is kind of slow). The user interface is also a little cluttered, but the program uses a moderate amount of system resources.

Quintessential Media Player was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
Quintessential Media Player - The main window of Quintessential Media Player allows you to access all the functions of the application.Quintessential Media Player - With a simple right-click on the selected item you can bring up this menu that has various useful commands.Quintessential Media Player - In the settings tab of Quintessential Media Player you can fully customize the application's settings.

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