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A straightforward application that enables you to create playlists with your preferred music and plays the songs in a shuffled mode

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Shuffle Music Player is a simple and slim application that enables you to listen to your favorite tunes in random order.

Totally random

The software was designed to only apply random order to the playback of your music, enabling you to never get acquainted with the succession of the melodies. Its goal is to keep your playlist fresh.

Shuffle Music Player supports most of the common audio file types, such as MP3, FLAC, OGG, MOD, XM and WAV.

Create your playlists, let the software choose what to play

Shuffle Music Player supports multiple playlists, created by selecting certain audio files from folders from one or more folders. You may manage your playlist before starting the playback by adding or removing songs.

The software enables you to easily create a playlist by loading an entire music directory, and optionally scanning subfolders. Any changes you make in the source folder can reflect in your playlist, if you set the program to rescan directories at startup.

Changeable skins

You have a selection of skins to choose from in order to customize your media player, including multiple colors and patterns. You can preview the layout of the software with the new skin before applying the change. The text color can also be modified in order to fit to the new skin or to be more visible.

Slim interface

Shuffle Music Player features a slim and neat interface and when minimized it goes directly to the system tray, not before displaying a quick message to let you know it didn’t stop playing.

The complete menu, including the access to playlist, is a right click away, in the context box. You can view the progression of the playback in the main window, along with the name of the song currently rendered and the album cover, if you chose to display it.


Shuffle Music Player is a useful tool for creating large playlists and rendering them in an unexpected order. It is particularly handy when you have a limited number of songs, because it allows you to avoid the monotony of memorizing the succession of melodies.

Shuffle Music Player was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on November 14th, 2014
Shuffle Music Player - Shuffle Music Player is an application that allows you to create playlists and listen to the songs only in random order.Shuffle Music Player - Right click on the main program bar prompts the context menu that contains all the options you can access.Shuffle Music Player - You can load entire folders to the playlist or you can select specific files from one or more directories.Shuffle Music Player - screenshot #4Shuffle Music Player - screenshot #5

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