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Logitech Media Server is a useful application for the users that want to stream multimedia files from their home computer to wireless devices. The server is designed for the Squeezebox users who want to listen to their tracks stored on the the computer hard drive.

You can use this tool in order to scan your multimedia files and send them to the Squeezebox library. You can select the folder and storage devices that can be scanned by the application.

If you want to run the server at the computer startup you need to enter the account credentials. This enables the program to start even if the user has not logged in and ensures that the media files are streamed to your Squeezebox immediately.

The application is able to read the information stored in the file metadata and broadcast them to your Squeezebox device or software players such as Winamp or iTunes. If you want to create or import playlists, the program supports M3U, PLS and CUE files.

The server’s Control Panel enables you to configure the basic parameters and to view the status of the service. It also provides access to the web interface that allows you to browse the multimedia files and to control the media playback.

Although some of the settings can be changed from the Windows interface, most of the server configuration can be accessed in the web UI. If you want to enable the iTunes usage and the playlists that are monitored, you need to use your Internet browser.

These pages also control the plugins that are used to expand the program’s functions and the way metadata is arranged on the player. Although the app does not include a documentation, the options are well organized and can be easily accessed by the user.

The Logitech Media Server is a must-have tool for playing music, watching videos and stream your media library to Squeezebox or other software players.

Logitech Media Server was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on March 28th, 2014
Logitech Media Server - This is how Logitech Media Server will run in your system tray, enabling you to access its Control Panel and Web Control from the context menu.Logitech Media Server - Logitech Media Server's Web Control opens in your browser and allows you to view a catalog of all your music.Logitech Media Server - The Web Control displays all the music in the My Music folder. You can play it right in your web browser.Logitech Media Server - When you launch Logitech Media Server for the first time, you will need to configure its startup settings from the Control Panel.Logitech Media Server - screenshot #5Logitech Media Server - screenshot #6Logitech Media Server - screenshot #7Logitech Media Server - screenshot #8Logitech Media Server - screenshot #9Logitech Media Server - screenshot #10Logitech Media Server - screenshot #11Logitech Media Server - screenshot #12Logitech Media Server - screenshot #13Logitech Media Server - screenshot #14

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