Yahoo! Music Jukebox (formerly Yahoo! Music Engine)

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An application that was especially designed to provide users with a means of easily managing and playing their favorite music tracks

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Listening to music tracks and managing a song library are activities that are made possible by many audio players out there. You might be familiar with one of the older applications that had build a name in the business and was able to do that and a lot more: Yahoo! Music Engine.

Offering various online and offline features

Later on, re-branded as Yahoo! Music Jukebox, the software could do it all: play audio tracks, rip and mix CDs, burn new compilations, organize an entire music collection and much more. Fully equipped for playlist generation, music transfer to external, portable devices, this software offered many online features as well.

The end of a long, successful road

Unfortunately, since it was discontinued, some of those services that required a connection to a server on the Internet, became unavailable and the program was left with the offline features only. Nonetheless, Yahoo! Music Jukebox can still be used and it is quite efficient when it comes to managing the songs purchased trough the old subscription service.

Enhance the audio experience with effects

The application offers some basic playback controls and wide range of customizable settings which include sound normalization and cross-fading. Yahoo! Music Jukebox can handle audio CD playback as well as the extraction of music tracks with custom parameters.

Thorough music importing options

For audio CD ripping there is also the possibility of choosing a specific naming scheme in order to better organize the output audio files. Importing songs can be done with constant or variable bit rate and in one of the supported formats, namely MP3, WAV and WMV.

A few last words

To conclude, Yahoo! Music Jukebox was definitely one of the important players on the market, but since it is no longer developed or supported officially, those who still have it installed are pretty much all the users this software is left with.

Yahoo! Music Jukebox (formerly Yahoo! Music Engine) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
Yahoo! Music Jukebox (formerly Yahoo! Music Engine) - The Yahoo! Music Jukebox software's main window will allow you to choose one of the multitude of available songs you can listen to and create your custom playlists so you can later listen the music you like.Yahoo! Music Jukebox (formerly Yahoo! Music Engine) - The Yahoo! Music Jukebox software's Launchcast Radio will help you create your own online radio station that you can share with your friends. When listening to your radio station you can rate the music so you can influence the music recommendations.Yahoo! Music Jukebox (formerly Yahoo! Music Engine) - The Yahoo! Music Jukebox program's Preferences dialog allows you to customize the Play Settings, the shuffle options, the Audio Settings and the Taskbar Settings according to your own needs.Yahoo! Music Jukebox (formerly Yahoo! Music Engine) - Yahoo! Music Jukebox can also play you music CDs and here is where you can set the import and playing options.

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