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Enrich your media collection and carefully organize libraries to easily enjoy songs, videos and pictures using this powerful application

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Microsoft Zune is a media management application with playback, marketplace and social features that allows users to enjoy a high-quality audio and video experience. Although originally developed to be used with Zune devices for sync purposes, the software is not intended for this objective alone, but it’s meant as an all-purpose media explorer.

On the path to being obsolete

Even though the production of the Zune line of devices was halted in October 2011, the media manager continued to exist and to receive updates until the end of 2012, when the support for the player was discontinued. However, the software is still available for download in an attempt to provide users with an option to sync their Windows Phone 7 devices.

Since then, Microsoft moved on to a newer line of products (tablets, smartphones), based on Windows 8 and Xbox, which, can now be synced through a Windows Phone app, the successor of Zune software.

Enrich and organize your media collection

Nonetheless, Microsoft Zune remains a decent choice as a media player. Sporting a Metro interface, it facilitates audio and video playback, playlist creation and benefits from a marketplace from where you can purchase albums.

Access various music channels

In addition, you can burn media discs, create an unlimited number of media collections with your favorite artists, gain access to podcasts and subscribe to Zune music channels. The core player is brought with basic features, such as play, resume, fast forward and full screen, as well as a volume adjuster. You can pin media files to Quick Play for easy access to your favorite tunes, or browse through the last played items from the History section.

In conclusion

To sum it all up, Microsoft Zune, although no longer receiving updates, should not be cast away from public attention. It remains a decent choice for home users who wish to enjoy a modern playback experience from a Metro interface.

Microsoft Zune was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
Microsoft Zune - Microsoft Zune allows you to manage and listen to your media collection.Microsoft Zune - Microsoft Zune can display your collection by Date, Artist or Genre.Microsoft Zune - Microsoft Zune can create video playlists that can also be organized by category.Microsoft Zune - screenshot #4Microsoft Zune - screenshot #5Microsoft Zune - screenshot #6Microsoft Zune - screenshot #7Microsoft Zune - screenshot #8Microsoft Zune - screenshot #9Microsoft Zune - screenshot #10Microsoft Zune - screenshot #11Microsoft Zune - screenshot #12Microsoft Zune - screenshot #13Microsoft Zune - screenshot #14Microsoft Zune - screenshot #15Microsoft Zune - screenshot #16Microsoft Zune - screenshot #17

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