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A classic stereo equalizer featuring ten frequency bands, offers the possibility to create and save configuration profiles that can be accessed quickly when needed

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Equalizing the frequencies of an audio piece is done in order to apply various corrections or improvements. The process is carried out via various filters and can eliminate certain sounds as well as highlight a specific instrument or voice.

10-Band! is the digital counterpart of the product and, as its name clearly states, it has a total of ten bands for the user to tweak.

Choose a VST host to load it

It is a VST plug-in, which means that in order to benefit from its advantages it needs to be loaded into a VST host. You can choose any application that has support for such components; for testing purposes we used Reaper.

10-Band! is a classic stereo graphic equalizer that should not create any trouble to any type of user, especially for those familiar with music production.

Simple looks, hidden functions

Looks are plain and simple, with no bells and whistles. When launched, the application presents all the frequency-altering knobs and is ready to work.

Unlike most VST plug-ins, this one does not bring to the table any preset configurations; but it can be used to create some profiles that can be enabled at a later time with a click of a button.

Apart from toying around with the frequencies, 10-Band! can be disabled altogether if needed and offers the possibility to select a specific decibel range by pressing on the scale selector present in the middle of the interface, in the lower part.

Another option is to lock the left and right frequencies so that any change in one of them is automatically reflected in the other.

Simple but powerful 10-band stereo equalizer

Working with 10-Band! is not a tough job and the utility provides the necessary options for reaching the necessary results. A documentation file is included in the download to show users the various uses of the tool.

10-Band! was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 3rd, 2014
10-Band! - screenshot #1