AIMP Control Plugin

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A plugin that allows remote control of your AIMP Player from any browser, no matter if it's on your computer, smartphone or tablet

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AIMP Control Plugin is a simple to use and quite handy software solution that offers you a higher degree of freedom and accessibility to the AIMP media player on your computer, by enabling you to play, pause, repeat or add new songs from afar, by means of an Internet browser.

Intuitive setup and configuration procedure

Unlike other plugins, which may experience somewhat difficult installations, AIMP Control Plugin features a straightforward executable that is easy to setup and once complete, you can configure it from the ‘Plugins’ section of AIMP.

Its main interface can then be accessed from a localhost address using any web popular browser, and customized to suit your particular preferences.

At the same time, in the 'Plugins' area, it offers a ‘Settings’ section, where you can modify the ‘Server’ information (network interfaces, the URLs for AIMP Control Plugin) and even enable password-protected access by inputting sets of accepted credentials.

Remote control your AIMP playlist from a browser on your mobile device

Should your computer and mobile devices be connected to the same WiFi network, for instance, you are able to access the localhost address and control the player from anywhere within the hotspot’s range.

This can prove particularly useful if the sound system in your home or office is spread across a larger surface or it is momentarily out of your reach.

From the browser-based interface, you can effortlessly play, pause, move forward or backward in your music playlist, as well as activate the shuffle or repeat modes. Similarly, you can adjust the audio volume, add new songs to the list by drag and dropping the files or loading them from a URL.

A browser-based remote control instrument for AIMP

In conclusion, AIMP Control Plugin is a useful and efficient plugin meant to complement the capabilities of your favorite music player, proving handy especially when you wish to change a track but cannot bring yourself to move from a comfortable position.

AIMP Control Plugin was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 27th, 2015
AIMP Control Plugin - You can view whether the plugin is activated or not in the dedicated section of the 'Options' window in AIMP.AIMP Control Plugin - AIMP Control Plugin allows any network user to access your AIMP playlist remotely, using a web browser.