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Allows the positioning of an audio source somewhere around the head of the listener

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Binauralizer is a nifty audio plug-in that allows positioning the sound to a specific level to the listener’s ear.

In order to access the component’s features and functions the user needs to load it in an audio processing program that supports VST components. For our test purposes we used the Reaper utility.

Once loaded in the VST host the component shows a simple and straightforward interface that presents the options in a clear manner.

Short list of options

There are two parameters that can be modified. One relates to the azimuth value, which is an angular measurement in a spherical environment while the other touches on elevation. Hence, it is designed for listening with headphones.

The values for both adjustments are displayed in degrees and there is also a graphical representation of the listener’s head in order to visualize the position of the sound.

In the case of the azimuth parameter the range starts from 90 degrees and ends at -90 degrees. Elevation can be adjusted between -45 degrees to 225 degrees.

Easy to work with

Changing the values can be done very easily by simply dragging by the controls available for each option.

Some VST hosts offer the possibility to restore the modifications to the default values and even to save a specific configuration into a preset. Also, the effect of the adjustment can be previewed on the spot.

Working with Binauralizer does not require too much effort and can be easily carried out by beginner users. However, at least some basic knowledge about audio processing is required in order to reach the best results.

Basic, easy to use VST plug-in

The component has a lean learning curve and it should integrate perfectly in the VST host of your choice. Headphones are required to notice the effects.

Binauralizer was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
Binauralizer - This is the main window of Binauralizer plugin