Classic Compressor

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Obtain astonishing vintage sounds by processing instruments and vocals with the help of this classic analog style VST compression plugin

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Classic Compressor is a classic analogue VST plugin that can be integrated within any compatible host application and used for processing individual instruments or vocals to achieve professional sound.

VST compressors are widely used for modifying signals that require adjusting due to muffled microphone sounds or other similar reasons. This particular one features smooth compression and adjustable ratio options, ready to help you generate great-sounding audio.

Featuring a forthright interface, Classic Compressor comes with analogue modeled sound, allowing you to easily modify the tone and the timbre of a final mix. Its feature set allows you to obtain energetic vocal tracks and maximize the output level in a stream.

The plugin enables you to experiment with sounds by altering and adjusting the available parameters. It allows you to set volume thresholds (from -40 to 0 dB) and features adjustable compression ratio, as well as customizable knee levels, which can vary from 'hard' to 'soft'.

You can easily set the attack and the release times using the dedicated options in the main window and set the level of the output volume.

Classic Compressor allows preset loading, is compatible with all sampling rates and supports VST automation. It is very low on system resources, which makes it perfect for processing your mixes.

Classic Compressor is mainly intended to assist music creators, mixing and mastering engineers in processing instruments and vocals to obtain vintage sounds. It implements a signal processing technology that aims to help you mold unique mixes and obtain the sound you want with minimum effort.

Classic Compressor was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
Classic Compressor

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