Classic EQ

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A 7 Band Stereo Equaliser with a warm analog sound




Classic EQ was designed to be a 7 Band Stereo Equaliser with a warm analog sound, well suited to make non-surgical tonal corrections on all instruments, vocals and final mixes.

The passive and additive structure, together with unique "Warm" and "Saturation" algorithms, produces warm and pleasant sound, just like some of the most expensive vintage gear. The left and right channels can be adjusted individually or linked together.

Here are some key features of "Classic EQ":

■ Seven band stereo equalization
■ Separate left and right channel adjustments
■ Warming and Saturation
■ Stereo Link
■ VU meter
■ Presets
■ Ultra low CPU usage
■ Supports all sampling rates from 44100 and up
■ Full VST automation


■ VST Host System
Last updated on October 2nd, 2007
Classic EQ