Classic Reverb1.06

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A nice and smooth reverb that does a good job on almost any instrument.

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One if the first electronically simulated natural effects is Reverb. It is specific to large indoor areas that create an echo effect and its purpose is to enrich the sound generated by musical instruments.

Classic Reverb is a VST plug-in that provides a smooth reverb effect on most instruments. A VST host is required in order to access its settings and use it. For the purpose of testing we used Reaper but any program with support for VST plug-ins is suitable for the job.

Two UI options

The add-on features two interfaces, one resembling a physical device while the other is a graphical UI that may be the choice of most users because it offers better usability and a more clear look at the different values.

There are three main sections that can be used, Reverberation, Filters and Output, that allow control over the final result by increasing damping or the size of the reverb effect, make the sound warmer or remove low frequencies.

Save settings as profiles

A specific configuration can be saved as a profile under a user-defined name so that it can be used at later times. However, this may not be necessary most of the times because the plug-in brings to the table its own list of presets.

These can emulate the sound produced in different environments, such as an empty hall, a shower cabin, a drums room, a small club, a grand hall or a small church.


Classic Reverb is highly configurable and provides the necessary knobs for attaining the desired reverb effect. It is easy to use and the number of presets available as well as the possibility to create custom ones comes in handy for applying tried and tested specific values.

Classic Reverb was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
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