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A powerful DSP enhancement for Winamp that can easily improve the overall quality of your sound system in a simple and effortless manner

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Enhancer is a lightweight audio plugin developed to be used with the popular Winamp player.

You install it just like any other Winamp plugin or application for that matter, using the wizard. It automatically sets all the files in the appropriate Winamp folder so you don’t have to do anything else besides launch it from the application settings.

Enhancer displays a comprehensive interface composed from simple sliders with name tags ,so you know what each one adjusts, and a few buttons. It’s all pretty straightforward with no complicated settings or configuration process.

The plugin enables you to adjust parameters such as ‘Volume’, ‘Harmonic Bass’ (and range), ‘Drum Bass’, ‘Dry Signal’, ‘Harmonic Treble’ and ‘Ambience’. Each of them manipulates the sound in a particular way meaning that you have a lot of possibilities to adjust the sliders until you get the perfect sound.

Enhancer enables you to improve the amplification of the sound beyond that of Winamp or your device meaning that even if those two are at max, you can still make the music louder. Moreover, the plugin comes with a quality trigger that comes into play when the sound suffers from distortion and prevents any unwanted output.

With it you have direct control over deep bass which offers you a very powerful sound if you have quality speakers. You also get to adjust harmonics and high frequencies which in turn enrich the sound.

Enhancer also comes with a power button that you can use to disable any audio processing that it offers. It also allows you to give the sound a grimier feel by applying an additional layer of audio boosting. In case you manage to obtain a preset that works great with your sound system, the plugin enables you to save it.

In closing, despite the fact that Winamp has lost some of its momentum, it’s still going to live on and with it, so are plugins such as Enhancer.

Enhancer was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Enhancer - This is the user interface of Enhancer where you can modify the Harmonic Bass and Drum Bass levelsEnhancer - In this window you will see the available presets of the Enhance Winamp plugin