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A comprehensive and easy to use plugin for music producers who want to increase the control and flexibility of the signal flow of a track

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FreeG is an audio plugin designed as an intuitive and easy to use fader which can help you increase the amplitude of the output signal. If provides accurate peak and RMS metering which you can use to your advantage and boost the power of your songs without destroying them.

A straightforward interface with an analogue feel

FreeG displays a user-friendly interface, something that is always welcome. Not only can you make perfect sense of every slider, knob and button, but it also guarantees that you will be quick on your feet when a parameter needs to be changed.

In its main window you can find the actual fader which you can use to adjust the incoming signal, Trim and Pan dials along with some digital buttons that control phase shift and bypass.

Accurately adjust and display signal levels in real-time

FreeG’s fader is capable of instantly following up on any signal change that the track dictates. Inside the actual meter you are able to see the highest recorded peak value along with maximum RMS. Moreover, besides the graphical representation, the plugin also displays the values in a series of boxes.

Signal level can be adjusted by simply clicking the designated button and dragging it to the value you want or the one which you feel delivers the best result. If you're looking for additional precision, holding the Shift key on your keyboard triggers a fine-tune mode for the fader, allowing you to perform minute adjustments. If manual mode just won’t do it for you, then you’ll appreciate the fact that the fader values can simply be written in a small box.

Responsive, precise and helpful

To wrap it up, FreeG is a handy piece of digital hardware to have attached to your host if you’re looking to offer a track that extra bit of power or subtlety but you still need to be careful with it, overdoing it can definitely ruin audio quality to some extent.

FreeG was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
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