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A plugin intended for displaying HTML files in the Winamp Minibrowser, though it can show other files such as JPEG, GIF or PNG and even Flash movies

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HTML Viewer addresses a bunch of users that have not changed their audio player preferences for some time now as it only works with the pre-Winamp 2.9 versions. This specific limitation is due to the fact that HTML Viewer requires the Winamp Minibrowser to function.

The Winamp Minibrowser plays a very interesting part in the music listening process by automatically loads information related to the song you are actually playing. HTML Viewer is a Winamp plugin that enhances the functionality of the Minibrowser by allowing it to display HTML files alongside other embedded content such as various image formats and even slideshows.

By enabling the Minibrowser to show extra content like JPEG, GIF, PNG image types or Flash movies, the HTML Viewer can prove to be a very helpful tool for the ones of you that love to find more about each and every song that plays within Winamp as well as the performing artist.

While clearly setting its sights on rather nostalgic Winamp users, HTML Viewer can also be viewed as a learning tool for beginners to better understand how the plugin communicates with the program. The Options window of HTML Viewer provides a few preferences to tinker with in order to get the things done properly, just the way you see fit.

You can quickly and easily type in the file types you want HTML Viewer to take care of as well as set the more general ones such as show HTML titles or remove files from list and even slideshow-related settings like smart mode or delay.

To sum it all up, HTML Viewer represents the old line of Winamp plugins and as many have switched from the version it supports, the crowd it is intended for is not the majority anymore. That, plus the fact that the Winamp project is clearly dying as its current developers have announced that the project is about to be closed down at the end of the year 2013.

HTML Viewer was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on December 9th, 2013
HTML Viewer - This is the configuration window of the plugin where the users have to decide which files will be opened in the minibrowser