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An intuitive plug-in that is capable of identifying the song currently playing in the supported programs and matching the lyrics on

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LyricsSeeker plugin is a reliable tool that works with multiple media players and can identify the lyrics corresponding to the currently playing song. The plug-in integrates itself with the supported media player and can identify lyrics in an extensive online database, at If lyrics are found, it displays a small notification on your desktop.

Quick lyrics finder

LyricsSeeker plugin is a highly useful tool especially when you are looking for the exact lyrics to a song that’s playing in your favorite program. The plug-in can easily read the audio tag and browse through the millions of songs on in order to match the exact data. If the lyrics to the currently playing song are found, the plug-in prompts a small notification balloon on your screen, representing a shortcut to the desired entry on

The plug-in works with several media players, including iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp and can easily be accessed from the programs. Alternatively, you may find the dedicated icon in the system tray area and change the settings or go straight to home page.

Synchronize song information

In order to identify the lyrics to a song, the plug-in reads the file’s tag: the song’s title, artist’s name, album, year and track number. Thus, insufficient or incorrect information can cause the plug-in to fail to identify the lyrics, even for popular songs.

You may customize the behavior of the informational lyrics balloon, by setting the delay of its appearance on the screen, as well as the duration of its display. The balloon is purely informational, meaning it only offers a quick link to the page containing the words to the song.

Convenient lyrics finder

LyricsSeeker plugin can identify the lyrics to popular songs within seconds and lead you straight to the webpage where you can view them. The plug-in searches the lyrics for the song that is currently playing in the supported program and displays the notification balloon instantly, if the entry is found. You can thus view the lyrics to the song you are listening to, with one mouse click.
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Last updated on August 21st, 2014
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LyricsSeeker plugin (formerly MetroLyrics Seeker) - LyricsSeeker plugin is an intuitive plug-in that works with multiple media players and is capable of finding lyrics for songs.LyricsSeeker plugin (formerly MetroLyrics Seeker) - The plug-in can easily identify the song currently playing in the supported program and displays a balloon on the screen.LyricsSeeker plugin (formerly MetroLyrics Seeker) - The plug-in displays a balloon in the right lower corner of the screen, if it finds the lyrics to the currently playing song.

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