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Sync your iPod with Windows Media Player






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MGTEK dopisp is a plug-in for Windows Media Player that enables you to sync your MP3 music to your iPod directly from within Windows Media Player.

There is no external user interface, no fluff, not even a program icon to click on. Just connect your iPod, fire up Windows Media Player, start moving your music to your iPod, and forget that the two once didn't play together.

Supported devices:
· iPod classic 1st revision
· iPod classic 2nd revision
· iPod classic 3rd revision (latest model)
· iPod nano 1st generation
· iPod nano 2nd generation
· iPod nano 3rd generation
· iPod nano 4th generation
· iPod nano 5th generation (latest model)
· iPod shuffle 1st generation
· iPod shuffle 2nd generation
· iPod shuffle 3rd generation (latest model)
· iPod mini, all generations
· iPod photo, all generations
· iPod video, all generations
· iPod touch 1st generation
· iPod touch 2nd generation
· iPod touch 3rd generation (latest model)
· iPhone
· iPhone 3G
· iPhone 3GS (latest model)
Last updated on December 27th, 2010
MGTEK Dopisp - MGTEK Dopisp will help you quickly and easily sync your iPod with Windows Media PlayerMGTEK Dopisp - screenshot #2

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