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Simple plug-in for Audacity audio editing tool that can fine tune the tracks with multiple voices so that they sound richer, fuller and natural

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Multivoice Chorus is a plug-in for Audacity audio editing tool that can be used to improve a track that features multiple voices.

Straightforward interface

The tool can be easily added to editing software by placing its DLL file in Audacity’s Plug-Ins folder. Accessing the plug-in is done from the Effects menu of the editor.

The interface is simple and to the point, displaying the list of supported effects and the knobs to configure them. All the controls can be adjusted either by manually typing in a desired value or by dragging a slider until the effect is achieved.

Adjust the knobs for the best chorus results

Since the tool has been created to make the voices sound better, it can separate them by tiny time frames for a more clear overall sound of the track. This can be done by changing the values for the delay base and the voice separation; in both cases the values are expressed in milliseconds.

Additional options available in the plug-in consist in modifying the detune percentage, which results in a different pitch.

The LFO (low-frequency oscillator) frequency can also be adjusted to a different value in order to establish the frequency the detune effect is modulated at.

Last on the list of controls is the output attenuation, a value expressed in decibels (db), which can help with bringing down the amplitude so that the output is not too high.

Easy multivoice fine-tuning

Working with Multivoice Chorus is just a matte of finding the right adjustments. It features a preview function that offers a taste of the change, thus allowing further refinement of the track. Integrating it into Audacity is just a matter of placing the file into the right folder.

Multivoice Chorus was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
Multivoice Chorus - This is the Multivoice Chorus configuration window where you can easily adjust the parameters of the filter

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