Ozone for Windows Media Player 91.03

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A dependable and easy to use application that helps you easily analyze and enhance the quality of your output sounds and music files





Ozone for Windows Media Player 9 is a dependable plugin that can help you analyze MP3 files, as it provides you with advanced enhancement options, such as analog modeled audio filters and equalizers, tube compressors, amplifiers or room simulators.

You can easily add warmth, sparkle or bass to your output sounds, in order to enhance their overall quality. The program can accomplish all this by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers.

You can compare your sounds and mixes between them using the application’s powerful spectrum analyzer. This helps you get a clear view on the characteristics of certain songs, and how many differences exist between them.

Each sound file can be filtered using various amplifiers and effects, such as room simulation, tube and valve amplifiers, thus ensuring you that your output sound is clean and softened.

The application displays you details about the input and output gain of each audio file, as you can see how many decibels the original song produces, compared to the filtered and clean output sound.

Ozone for Windows Media Player 9 enhances the overall output sound of any audio file, by clearing any imperfections or sound glitches. This ensures a stable and clear output sound, that can be enhanced using bass and warmth filers.

By mixing analog-style realism with digital flexibility, you can easily add subtle room tones to your sounds without creating obvious reverb effects or imperfections.

Using advanced Mid/Side processing engines, the application converts the stereo information coming into the plug-in, allowing you to equalize the background music while preserving the quality of the vocals.

Ozone for Windows Media Player 9 offers you the chance to seamlessly enhance your mixes and audio files by filtering the output sound using advanced equalizers and amplifiers.
Last updated on August 6th, 2003
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