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RTEQ 4 is designed to be an useful tool for processing music files like MP3s or WAVs

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RealTime Equalizer is an efficient application designed to perform modifications on audio signals in real time for a better sound experience. It manages to do so by adjusting the frequency spectrum emitted during playback.

RealTime Equalizer comes in two editions: as a standalone installation and as a Winamp plugin; during deployment, you are offered the possibility to choose between the two, but bear in mind that for the latter, you need to have Winamp installed.

RealTime Equalizer sports a pleasant appearance, which makes it all the more accessible and easy to use. Besides its user-friendly looks, the application bundles an array of features that make the time you spend with it both productive and fun.

With RealTime Equalizer, you will benefit from up to 300 channels, allowing you to equalize audio streams like a professional. The amplification level ranges from -INF to +90 dB divided in two intervals: from –INF to +20 dB, you’ve got a fine amplification, while the remaining range stands for a more powerful sound emphasis.

What’s more, you can use the dynamic equalizer to produce sounds that are superior, quality-wise. Stereo music can be easily enhanced by using the spatial resurrection feature, which adds a special effect for an enjoyable media experience.

Using presets, you can create and store various sound scenarios, which you can use in other projects or share with your friends. However, saving the equalized audio file is possible only if you go for the Winamp installation.

On an ending note, RealTime Equalizer is equipped with powerful features that make it easy and fun to adjust sounds in real time. The experience is made more pleasant by the user-friendly environment it provides.

RealTime Equalizer was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on June 27th, 2013
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