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A VST synthesizer that can emulate the sounds of analog synthesizers through digital signal processing, featuring an impressive number of presets

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Audio processing tools rely heavily on plug-ins to extend their functionality. Superwave P8 is such as tool, designed as a virtual analog synthesizer; this means that it can be used for producing the sound of traditional analog synthesizers but using digital signal processing.

Load it in a VST host

Since Superwave P8 is a VST plug-in a host is required to load the program and access its options. During our tests we used Reaper utility but it can work with any other VST host of your choice.

The interface of the plug-in is quite overwhelming at a first glance since there are myriads of buttons crowded in a relatively small window. A closer look clears things up and reveals the tools available, which do not come in small numbers.

Built-in tools

Superwave P8 features oscillators (low frequency included), filters, amplifiers, envelopes, modulation controls and effects along with other capabilities, such as 8 note polyphonic operation, midi CC and portamento control.

All these, together with their control knobs, are present in a single screen and may affect how some users work with the plug-in.

Apart from all this functionality, Superwave P8 also brings to the table an impressive amount of preset configurations. They can help you get closer to the desired result with a single click; tweaking them to reach your goal is also possible.


Regardless of the VST host used, Superwave P8 adds a huge amount of versatility. Because of the small font used and the numerous options it makes available it is not the easiest plug-in to use.

SUPERWAVE P8 was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
SUPERWAVE P8 - The VST plug-in includes a vast suite of tools, oscillators, filters, amplifiers and modulation controls being among them

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