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Contains 64 narrow notch filters controlled by midi





The Sniper VST plugin contains 64 narrow notch filters controlled by midi. By default no filters are active. When a note-on is received a group of notch filters corresponding to the harmonic content of the note is started.

In special circumstances this plug allows you to remove or attenuate specific instruments from a mix while leaving the other virtually untouched.

Place as insert as close to the material as possible (for example, I would place an EQ, compressor or "enhancer" after the sniper). Make sure you play on the correct octve, try using the "Tune" mode when editing the notes for the sniper.

Only some sounds will be able to attenuate / remove without destroying the rest of the material. If the sound is a clean waveform (sin,sqare,tri,saw) with no vibrato you have a very good chance of removing it.

You will not likely be able to remove vocals without cutting some ugly holes in the rest of the material. The sniper is polyphon, so you can keep a note on to remove the tail of a note in the material. There is a hardcoded limit of 64 filters in total, but fear not, if you run out of filter the most silent (or highest frequency) will be removed.
Last updated on April 11th, 2010
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