Spectrum Analyzer

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Observe the dynamic display of the wavelengths, peaks and averages, with the help of this real-time spectrum analysis VST plugin






Spectrum Analyzer is a reliable tool that allows you to observe the frequency dynamics in a particular song, indicating the peaks and averages.

The utility is compatible with VST hosts and its functionality resembles early spectrum analyzers since it is not FFT-based; instead it compensates by featuring powerful filter sets.

The plugin can analyze several octave modes, including ⅓, ¼ and ⅙, in other words 30, 40 or 60 bands. Different graphs indicate the peak for each frequency line, as well as the peak-hold value and the average (RMS) in the same display.

Additionally, you can change the frequency grid, choosing between decade or octave, as well as modify the decibel levels. The values refer to the ceiling level, the range and the grid markers.

You may enable the peak decay, measured in decibels per second and set the peak hold duration.

The peak hold can be represented as any of the supported graph displays and you may also set its size, in pixels.

The average parameters include the duration (in seconds), slope (decibels per octave), size and graph display mode.

You can easily switch the view from bar charts to curved indicators and curve fill charts. Moreover, you can change the colors of the display by right-clicking on the graph and selecting the designated tab.

If you have a previously saved color scheme, you can load it, otherwise, you can choose the nuances for the peaks, peak hold, average, grid border, grid line, label and background gradient. Moreover, each modification you make in the color scheme can be saved in a new configuration file.

Spectrum Analyzer also features a series of grid indicators templates, in which the variations indicate the frequency and the decibel level.

For example, the Default mode can measure the spectrum starting with -48 dB and 24 Hz, while Modern Fill Me graph can start as low as -54 dB.

Last updated on June 17th, 2015
Spectrum Analyzer - Spectrum Analyzer allows you to view the audio graph and the dynamic display of the wavelengths.Spectrum Analyzer - Spectrum Analyzer enables you to change the channel options, the frequency grids, maximum and minimum dB levels.Spectrum Analyzer - Spectrum Analyzer enables you to change the color scheme, by assigning different nuances for peaks, average and grids.Spectrum Analyzer - screenshot #4