Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 51.64.6

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Connects to streaming MP3 servers such as Shoutcast and records the tracks to your hard drive as individual files

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Streamripper for Winamp is a reliable application designed to record Shoutcast streams to individual files on your computer. Its slick engine allows it to connect to MP3 servers and to download entire music stations to local folders.

Although designed as a plugin for Winamp, the application also features a command line utility for recording streams. This approach is recommendable for advanced users, since it sports a great deal of options that only an audience with a rich computer background can handle.

If you opt to use it as a Winamp plugin, things become simpler and more accessible. Following the installation process, navigate to Winamp and activate it from the Preferences menu. Once you’ve initiated it, you can start browsing and locate the stream you wish to process.

The next step is to move the stream to Winamp, play it and then explore Streamripper and start recording. You shouldn’t experience any problems if you have a decent Internet Connection. As of now, you can just sit back and let the application do its job.

Nonetheless, if you wish to make the most of it, you can navigate to its Settings panel and tweak it to fit your needs. Here, you are presented with options to set the output directory (Desktop by default), to add ID3 info into the tracks, configure the name of the recording, change the skin of the application and adjust metadata and relay types.

During our tests, Streamripper for Winamp performed admirably. We didn’t experience crashes and the recordings were delivered in decent quality.

In conclusion, Streamripper for Winamp is a Shoutcast stream recorder that is worth your while. If you like the console approach better, it also comes in the form of a command line utility.

Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 18th, 2013
Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - These are the Streamripper options when the application is run in command line modeStreamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - This is the graphical interface of the Streamripper application where the users can access the Options windowStreamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - In the Connection tab of the Options window the users can easily enter a proxy and the name of the localhostStreamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - screenshot #4Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - screenshot #5Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - screenshot #6Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - screenshot #7Streamripper for Winamp 2 & 5 - screenshot #8

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