Subtitles Plugin for RealPlayer2005.03.21

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Play movies with subtitles in RealPlayer

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There are numerous people who prefer watching movies on their computers rather than going to the cinema, especially there are a lot of dedicated software solutions that can play a wide range of videos.

One of the most popular video players is RealPlayer, and the third-party Subtitles Plugin comes in handy to those who want to watch movies using this app.

It needs to be mentioned from the get-go that this application has not been updated in a long time, therefore there are great chances that it no longer works with the recent versions of RealPlayer. However, the users who decided to stick to using an older version of this media player can still enjoy the functions of Subtitles Plugin for RealPlayer.

The only function of this tool is to bring subtitle support to the host app, so that users can watch foreign movies with subtitles written in their native language. One needs to make sure that the video’s name and the subtitle’s are the same, otherwise RealPlayer is not able to play them simultaneously.

In addition, the plugin can only be used with AVI-formatted movies, so some of the source clips might need to be converted first to meet this requirement. Regarding the type of subtitles formats compatible with Subtitles Plugin for RealPlayer, it supports the most common ones, including SRT, SUB and TXT.

To sum it up, all the users who want to enjoy subtitle support for older versions of RealPlayer can give the dedicated plugin a try.

Subtitles Plugin for RealPlayer was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 1st, 2013