Tape Delay

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A tape delay emulation for Dub Musicians that offers you just the right amount of settings that you can adjust to obtain a satisfactory effect

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Analog audio synthesizer and filters are still very much sought out for their gorgeous outputs and sound transformations but remain out of reach for most.

This is why a great deal of interest is given to the digital alternatives such as audio plugins. The industry is huge and you can find an effect for just about anything you need. And if you can’t there surely is someone willing to look into your request.

A large number of the existing plugins today are created to replicate certain moods that analog devices bring to the finished tracks. Moods given by background noise, clicks and hisses.

Tape Delay is an audio plugin designed to offer you the authenticity of the delay effect created by tape. It’s a lightweight addition to your host application that even occupies little space on the screen. It displays a comprehensive interface that makes it a usable solution for producers and DJs of all kinds.

It provides you with adjustable parameters for volume, delay time and feedback. You also get controls for high pass and low pass filters along with a noise adjustment. They’re not a lot but combine just right and with a little bit of fine tuning, you can get the overall effect you need in your track.

Tape Delay also supports MIDI automation. This means that you can rig your host application to an external device and control the plugin from there. This way you, for example, in a live performance, you can use the plugin to its full effect.

In closing, for a plugin created a considerable number of years ago, Tape Delay still performs and is capable of offering you a great sounding effect.

Tape Delay was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 26th, 2013
Tape Delay