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Advanced guitar tuner for amateurs and professionals alike, featuring preset and custom tuning settings, along with various configuration options for the interface

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Those who own a guitar typically like to experiment with the way it sounds to be able to generate special sounds and reach high or low notes. Regardless of their skill level when it comes to music, amateurs and professionals alike occasionally need specialized software solutions to tune their instruments. An application that might come in handy is AP Guitar Tuner.

Turn your computer into a guitar tuner

As suggested by its name, this app can help music enthusiasts tune their guitar using their computer. In order to achieve this, users need to connect their instrument to the soundcard’s microphone input jack. If the cable does not fit the soundcard input jack, a quarter-inch to eighth-inch adapter plug might be required.

Alternatively, a common desktop microphone should suffice, as long as the connected device is not an electric guitar or an acoustic pickup. In this case, one needs to place the soundboard within 12 inches of the microphone head in order get best results.

User-friendly interface with straightforward options

The interface of the software is intuitive and enables users to choose one of the several presets provided by AP Guitar Tuner, and to tweak it by adjusting the octave. They can also change the value of the A note as they see fit – this modifies the base tuning to slightly higher or lower.

Seamlessly configure settings

The Options window is the place where the standard colors of the application can be replaced with custom ones, and if they are not pleased with the outcome, users can restore the initial scheme with a single mouse click. When they want to try out various configurations, users can change the recoding device and midi output to test the outcome.


No  errors were shown in our tests, and the tool did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It is simple to use and brings useful options to the table for all guitar fans who want to efficiently tune their instrument with only a few mouse clicks. However, the developers seem to have abandoned the project and it's been years since AP Guitar Tuner has seen its last update.

AP Guitar Tuner was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
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