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Easily create, play and export custom guitar cords and tablatures using this approachable software application with many configuration settings

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Alternate Chord is a tiny and simple-to-use software application which gives you the possibility to write and practice guitar chords and scales. It features presets and allows you to add custom chords and scales, as well as to copy and save information to file.

Hassle-free setup and user-friendly interface

The installation operation is a fast and simple job that doesn't need special attention, thanks to the fact that it contains familiar options.

As far as the interface goes, the tool adopts a normal window with a neatly organized structure, where you can start a new project by writing a chord name and base note.

Set guitar chords and scales easily

It is possible to set the tablatures position, choose one of the available chords, mark the notes, specify the composition's difficulty level, as well as load the chord or entire composition in a built-in audio player.

Export information and configure program settings

The project can be saved to file and later resumed, edited with the aforementioned properties, or its information can be copied to the Clipboard to export it in third-party apps.

You can also show the notes (including any striped ones), switch from edit- to read-only mode, indicate a folder to load chord files from, as well as select the type (chords, scales, all), difficulty, number of visible frets, interval (in milliseconds), MIDI device and instrument, along with the tone height and base tone.

Evaluation and conclusion

There were no kind of stability issues throughout our evaluation, thanks to the fact that Alternate Chord didn't freeze, crash or pop up error notifications. It left a small footprint on system resources, using low CPU and RAM.

To sum it up, Alternate Chord provides users with a simple method for writing down and exercising guitar chords and scales, backed by intuitive options.

Alternate Chord was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
Alternate Chord - The program allows users to view and listen to various guitar chords, covering many important note scales.Alternate Chord - Users can create their own guitar chords and scales by entering notes in the corresponding positions.

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