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A really lightweight application that is designed to provide sound processing capabilities and serve for audio compression and limiting

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Listening to the favorite music tracks at home or at work is a very common activity and there are many tools specifically designed to help users playback the songs with minimal efforts. Likewise, there are numerous utilities that purpose to enhance the sound or modify the input in some way that the user wants.

In case it is necessary to change the audio stream in such a way that it takes up less bandwidth or when the storage space is limited and reducing the file dimensions is necessary, compressing the sound might be the solution.

To help those wish to try this method, a program like Audio Compressor & Limiter could be the sought after answer. Very small in size and completely written in Java, this is a cross-platform application that offers a handful of adjustments that can prove really useful.

Inside the plain and simple interface you have at your disposal all the controls for activating and configuring its settings. The first configuration you will have to do is the selection of the input and output devices.

The compression related options are next in line and allow you yo set the decibel levels for compressor input gain, threshold, gain reduction and make up gain. Other options pertain to the compression factor (ratio), attack time range and release time, with all the values expressed in milliseconds.

For the limiter part, this tool enables you to set the maximum signal level (threshold), the release and view the gain reduction levels as well. In case you wish to leave some stream unprocessed, there is a 'Bypass' box you can check and things will be solved instantly.

All in all, Audio Compressor & Limiter proves to be indeed a useful program and the fact that it comes in such a small package is a great advantage, besides it ease of use.

Audio Compressor & Limiter was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
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